Public Relations Campaign: Strategy Paper

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Public Relations Campaign: Strategy Paper
Public Relations – MKT 438
Parthiv Shah
University of Phoenix
January 19, 2008

Introduction Effective marketing has enabled McDonald’s to become one of the largest and most profitable fast food service restaurants in the world. The aim of public relations and marketing is to make selling your product, services and brand name superfluous. McDonald’s public relations and branding strategy is essential in order to build solid relationships and provide healthy food product lines within its chain and restaurants. Branding its core competences and values is accomplished through the use of unique food products marketed by McDonald’s. McDonalds has seen its brand name
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 Inform and create good perceptions regarding the McDonalds brand name and the services it provides to the local communities and provinces
Identify the Organization’s Publics
As McDonalds launches its new McChina Wrap in multiple provinces and other areas within the country, there are several new and exciting challenges for the public relations department. These challenges are segments of the population that should get specific attention they are loosely referred to as publics.
The first public to consider would be the internal or employee public. Obviously keeping the customer happy is important, but a smart public relations department should consider marketing to their own employees. After all, if the employees believe that McDonalds as a company is doing well and that their employment is secure they will be motivated to be more productive. This is especially true of McDonalds because they offer employees the option to purchase company stocks and franchising opportunities
By offering this new healthy awareness product in several different provinces throughout China, McDonalds has posed a serious challenge to its own public relations department. In the United States, there are many different nationalities and cultures in any given city, but at the bare minimum they all have some understanding characteristics of the American culture

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