Public Relations And Marketing Case Study

Public Relations and Marketing: A Merger for the Twenty-First Century
Traditionally working side by side, the distinction between marketing and public relations appears to be fading if not already diminished completely. With the exponential growth of social media and mass communication throughout the world, the landscape of commercial and personal representation has been immensely changed. Now, more than ever, through technology the connection between the population, companies, and figureheads is more intimate and involved than ever before. This change in parameters has allowed PR and marketing groups to come together and provide a link between customer, company, and product. Going forth, it is the aim of this paper to analyze and explain
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Boorstin once said “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” (Robertson 29). Albeit a bit simplified, there is a good deal of truth to the statement. Seen by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) as the building of relationships between organizations and the masses, public relations fundamental charge is that of harboring favorable relationships between consumers and producers. In a new and evolving world, businesses have taken on personalities and people have become products. With this developing trend comes the consequences of almost everything a company or individual does being seen and open to scrutiny from the public. Having found a new heart beat in this corporate and personal reimagining, paired with the ability to reach the masses, the arena of public relations continues to undergo a dramatic inflation in its responsibilities. With the expeditious growth of the internet and its many mediums to review and reach out to companies, marketing departments throughout the business world are looking to public relations firms to bridge the gap between products and the people. That is not say that public relations is the saving grace for marketing, in fact, the two are rather comparable in their importance. Specializing in relationships, PR officers today find themselves looking to the marketing industry for ideas to help their relationships grow. Being faced with these challenges a paradigm …show more content…
Described by a term most recently popularized by author Malcom Gladwell, society has come to a “tipping point.” While this term is not new, Gladwell uses the term tipping point to describe the ability of small events to have an amazing influence on the world. Through something as small as a “tweet” or a “post” companies and individuals can pose questions, excite ideas, and build rapport with millions of people all at once. Having access to the public and companies alike like never before, social media has created a need to combine the people skills and outreach of public relations and the economic know how of marketing. In merging public relations and marketing, companies and individuals are both taking advantage of having access to millions of people and potential customers at their fingertips. By combining strengths in recent years public relations and marketing have effectively changed the playing field of the media

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