Public Policy Analysis And Evaluation Essay

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A policy drives towards the decision-making and the rationale of governments throughout the hemisphere. Public policy is the government of activities that plays a significant importance towards the lives of citizens. Policies provide the principles that drive what should be done or what should not be done. To understand complete view of public policy, the analysis of a particular policy is necessary and critical. Policy analysis provides and facilitates a systematic approach that evaluates various policy analysis processes. “Policy analysis is the reviewing of what governments do the reasoning of such action and the impact it has on society, if any” (Dye, 2010).

With the consistent change in the lives of the citizens, analyzing of the daily phenomena is measured along with the public sector. In the public sector, the analysis and evaluation is equally important because it helps to understand whether public services are actually necessary. The importance of judgment of values due to the element of policy analysis and the values allocated. Therefore, the values are encouraged by the policy and values, which in turn, are linked to the expectations of the needs and demands of the citizens. Evaluation of the policy is assessed by the continuous activity of human life, individuals, and groups of individuals. The evaluation is not the only function in the policy process but each administrative process could be evaluated.

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