Public Policies Of The United States Essay

887 Words Sep 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Most governments all over the world exist mainly to invent and carry out policies to improve upon the livelihood Standard of its citizens. Research has established that citizens are more likely to hold accountable policies carried out by the regime when their inputs are selected into consideration at the preparation phase. Nevertheless, one of the reasons most public policies Fail and hence manifest in bad governance in developing societies like Nigeria is the fact that citizens lack access to the policy Formulating center of a government. either by reason of ignorance due to the high illiteracy rate or the avenue for citizens to contribute meaningfully to the policies of the government is non-living. The writer tries to research the current state of affairs on the extent to which the Federal Government of Nigeria has been able to harness the avenue or platform of e-government as a potential catalyst for the advancement of good administration in the state. For the country to experience and benefit from the opportunities made available globally through the adoption of e-government platform, leadership at all levels must learn practical steps to popularize the adoption and implementation of e-government in the management of governmental procedures, through the participation of citizens in the policy and decision-making process. One significant goal of most countries contemporary societies is how to promote good governance that will direct national development among others, and…

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