Essay about Public Policies And Consent For Organ Donation

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Public Policies and Consent for Organ Donation
Required Request
Required request proposals typically mandate hospitals to develop and implement policies to ensure that healthcare providers (HCP 's) approach all families of "potential" organ donors once brain death is determined(Siminoff & Mercer, 2001). Potential donors are usually victims of accident caused trauma, sudden acute illness, or self-inflicted injury. In all such cases, a diagnosis of brain death establishes that the body 's internal controls can no longer be maintained and that recovery is not possible. However, once a person is "identified" as a potential organ donor the attending physician is placed in a very difficult position, for if recovery of viable organs is to be accomplished, the physician must begin to consider preservation of organs over preservation of the brain (Siminoff & Mercer, 2001).
Required request operates under the assumption that just because only a few eligible are asked, the surrogate consent for organ donation is low. Therefore, consent for donating would increase if health care providers would simply approach more families of donor-eligible patients and asked them to donate. However this argument misses two important elements: whether the families actually know the wishes of their family members regarding donation and how the healthcare providers approach the families regarding organ donation in such a grieving situation, both of which directly affects the outcome for a positive…

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