Public Perceptions Of The Muslim Community Essay examples

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Public Perceptions
Haque (2004) also discusses other issues affecting the Muslim community that relate to public perception of Americans. There are many misconceptions that are perpetuated by the media’s portrayal of Muslims. Muslim individuals are portrayed as violent and extremist, though, just as most extremist groups, this is a small minority within the entire population. September 11, 2001 further impacted American’s views and misconceptions about Muslim individuals. There is another misconception that all Muslims are from the Middle East. Islam is a worldwide religion and is practiced within the context of many different cultures and countries. Haque (2004) points out that there are Muslims from Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other African and non-Arab countries as well. There are also many American born Muslims and converts. These misconceptions lead to prejudice and discrimination. Examples of these are high unemployment rates, hate mail and other threats, prejudice that has been reported in schools, targeting and racial profiling, and discrimination for wearing the hijab (Haque, 2014). These issues can lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and other mental health issues.
There are some overarching themes and issues for the Muslim community, but there are also three subgroups within the Muslim community that face different difficulties. The individual mental health concerns of each group must be…

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