Public Opinion On The Affordable Care Act Essays

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Public Opinion in Healthcare
Several sources such as media including social media, and news media can have an impact on health policy. The population’s views can be swayed with the opinions of the public lobbyist, and even media. The Affordable Care Act is one big initiative that some of the public is wary about. Consequently, many individuals do not know how to interpret it, and some may not be able to determine how it will affect them, or if it will affect them at all.
Several news sources have reported on the Affordable Care Act. In this assignment I will assess how the role of public opinion on the topic area of the Affordable Care Act. I will go over some articles that discuss lobbyist and public opinion, and ways that they can influence public opinion. Also, whether there is a difference between public opinion and lobbyist portrayals.
Source Documentation First, let’s examine three media sources that overview the Affordable Care Act and the public’s views on the topic. Often times on the news we see poll numbers and outcomes; what percentage of America is onboard with what? The CBS news article that is referenced here begins with an image of protesters as they wait for the supreme court’s “ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act” (Pinto, 2012). By polling news media can gain a sense of how the public feels about health care reform. Do polling, news media coverage, and the images they use have a significant impact on public opinion? A short time…

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