Public Opinion On Public Opinions Essay

1469 Words May 11th, 2015 6 Pages
What is public opinion? Public opinion is the views prevalent among the general public. Moreover, it is one of the most frequently suggested terms when it comes to American politics. It represent’s people’s shared preferences on a matter that is related to government and related to politics. There are many interpretations that come behind public opinion. For example, individual opinions do matter – but when it comes to a decision making process by a leader, the opinions of the majority weigh more than the opinions of the minority, or at least it should be. Public opinion could are usually created out of questions that are asked on a poll and/or survey. An opinion could be positive or negative. It could also be favorable or unfavorable and neutral or completely undecided. Throughout life experiences, my college career, and my government classes that I attended at George Mason, I learned that public opinion is not stagnant. Many people’s views and opinion about an issue can expand and gradually change over time. One’s opinion can go from something so poor to a more thoughtful and well thought-out conclusion. Usually people will often approach the issue with strong and emotional feelings and opinions and at times this approach could be unsteady and will be constantly changed. Always at the beginning people will not understand the issue quite well and will jump to their own conclusions right away. As a student studying Global Affairs, there are many issues around the…

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