Public Opinion Is the Most Significant Agency Influence Public Opinion

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Public opinion can be defined as sum of individuals opinions on an issue affecting those individuals but the opinion should be rational to the issue. According to Leornard W. Doob," public opinion also refers to people's attitudes on an issues when they are members of same social group." Besides that, David Truman also stated out that "public opinion consist of the opinions of aggregate of individuals making up the public under discussion. it does not include all the opinion held by such a set of individuals but only these relevant to the issues or situation that define them as a public." So, public opinion is the complex of beliefs expressed by a significant number of persons on an issue of general importance.(Persuasion In The Media Age. …show more content…
Noelle-Neumann also suggests that highly consonant of media content has a strong influence on one’s opinion. (, Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann and the Spiral of Silence Theory, 2010) With no doubt, nowadays, wide coverage of mass media allows information to be transmitting in the fastest speed and convey into large area. For example is about the prediction of the octopus to the match of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010, people post the video and article to the Facebook, then the people in the coverage will belief the team predict by octopus may win the match. Or others example is the concept of 'one Malaysia' is been promoted by our prime minister through mass media, the people of Malaysia knew the concept from the media and then they start practice. Mass media has the most and wide coverage among the public. Other agents such as family, employment, club and political party need to use mass media to send their message to the public. For example, during election of Malaysia, the politicians use the media such as newspaper, television, internet to get the public voted for them and inattentively shape the public opinion toward the politic. Without having mass media, the message will be difficult to send, and therefore harder to shape the public opinion.
Beside that, credibility also is a factors of mass media to shaped public opinion. Credibility is the quality of being

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