Essay on Public Media And The Media

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In today’s society it is impossible to create a unique idea completely free of outside influence. Everything a person encounters and acknowledges influences how they think and perceive the world. One of the biggest factors that influence our thoughts and opinions on the world is the media. The media and its biases have infiltrated every aspect of a person’s life. Whether it be through the Internet, the television, the newspaper, or some other form, everyone is exposed to the mass media and thus, its biases. These biases, mostly politically oriented, have become a major problem in news outlets throughout the world, and often arise from the need to satisfy the investors of these private media outlets. This has led to the question of whether it would be more beneficial to have public, state-run media organizations in place of the private media organizations. Such public media organizations would include the creation of a government-run newspaper and government-run news websites. In theory, the use of government funds eliminates the reliance on private investors, thus encouraging more accurate, unbiased news. However, this plan does have its critics. A government monopoly on the media would result in a limitation of freedom of speech and the government-run media sources would act as propaganda to control the citizens. Ultimately, while often intended to limit bias, history shows that government-run media organizations serve to limit freedom of speech and have drawbacks including…

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