Public Library And Public Libraries Essay

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Public libraries are trying to keep up in a world where technological changes are rapid and constant. In order to stay relevant, public libraries must understand and embrace change and new technologies. Public library spaces will continue to be reinvented in order to better meet the needs of users. But where the most amount of change is expected is in digital content. As the library changes, the catalog must change. These changes need to consider not just current needs but the future needs of library users. More and more users are relying on Internet search engines such as Google to search for information. Research shows that while the public still wants access to print books they also want an increase in electronic resources (“Library Services in the Digital Age”, 2013). As a result, cataloging is experiencing big changes in response to new trends and concepts for information organization. Libraries will always connect people with information. However, the way we present information to users is always changing. This paper aims to explore the current and future trends in library cataloging that are designed to make their collections more visible in a digital environment.

Today, public libraries are challenged by patrons who expect instantaneous results. In a world where technology is advancing faster and faster, users believe that everything they want can be found online. Today 's user wants advanced searching capabilities to help them find sources quickly and…

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