Public Housing Projects And Housing Options For Residents Essay

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Question 1: Has the demolishment of public housing projects decreased housing options for residents?
In order to answer this question I will do archival research to find out how many housing units are provided now compared to pre-2000 when the Plan for Transformation went into effect. I will look at housing provided via traditional public housing units, housing choice vouchers, or mixed-income units. Types of documents that will be analyzed include CHA documents, non-profit research documents, academic studies completed thus far, and voucher and housing wait lists. The numbers of housing units provided in 2000 and the number of housing units provided in 2016 will be compared against the respective poverty rates for those two time periods and the respective availability of affordable housing during those two time periods. This will allow a very basic look at whether the public housing policy changes have resulted in any net change with respect to meeting housing needs for those who are low-income. Putting qualitative concerns aside for the moment, are more people being housed or less?
Question 2: Has the CHA Plan for Transformation met their stated goals? Given that CHA has allocated many of its duties to the private sector, what has been the result?

Comparing the period before the Plan for Transformation went into effect with the now, I will first evaluate how the CHA assessed their own progress and transformation. By doing content analysis and comparing CHA…

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