Public Health, Sports, Adventures And Other Activities Essay

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Growing up, in a small rural Nebraska town, I never imagined the impact that the field of Public Health would have on my life. I took complete comfort in the ignorance is bliss mentality. I would partake in standard farm labors, sports, adventures and other activities. Through the participation of said activities, I’m certain that I was exposed to unimaginable amounts of microorganisms. Yet, I remained a fairly healthy child and I’m sure I developed a robust immune system. Seeking a change in my life, I joined the military and I began my studies as a Medical Specialist. Once, I obtained my basic medical specialty, I knew just enough to be dangerous. I still had very little knowledge of public health, besides how it is important to wash your hands and conduct proper personal hygiene. Although, my knowledge was primitive in nature, it was still sound in theory and practice, thus it is of vital importance to break the chain of infection. I spent years, working with Soldiers in the most desolate of environments. To this day, I’m still amazed about how following those basis steps prevented large incidence rates of communicable diseases to those whom lived in the dirt with me. But good fortunes may only last for so long. A few years later, I found myself in the wonderful northern region of a certain Country known as South Korea. I often, traveled with Soldiers to the DMZ and provided medical support for weeks at a time. The first few days were uneventful, but suddenly…

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