Essay about Public Health Of A Country

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In today s’ society we need to take responsibility for our actions. This has adversely affected the growth of our nation because of poor policies lack of knowledge about global situation couple with location and our need for development. Globalization have open up many new horizon in developing and developed nations and the quest in exploring new avenue has also affected the population in many countries. It is often said that a country health is its wealth and I truly support this phrase.
Public health of a country is vital in sustaining a healthy population and the movement of people, food, and manufactured goods can have a negative impact on public health, without proper measure in place to balance this effect. In my opinion adequate step have to the taken to protect the local population.
The first step will be-crafting regulations to protect people and the country from this influx by ensuring harmful products are properly scrutinized. These regulations will aid in protecting people and the environment from harm creating a sense of awareness locally and internationally. Regulations can also help in job creation which means people will have money at their disposal helping them to improve living standard thereby reducing the constraint on public health system.

Education is another effective way in combating the spread of global diseases but even system has many issues. Advertisement and constant promotion by companies help fuel the spread of some disease. Population can…

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