Public Health Issues And Challenges Essay

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Rural areas face many distinct public health issues and challenges. These issues are typically unique to these areas due to their location, inhabitants, and common community norms. Most rural areas may be associated with areas that are located in areas where farming is the most common form of living; which also is associated with “wide-open spaces” (Warren & Smalley, 2014, p. 6). This may also lead to the assumption that health and public health are limited due to the strong and independent nature that is also associated with farm living people (Warren & Smalley, 2014). Also, suggesting that health care outside of the farming area is only sought when extreme and absolutely necessary; which also may lead to those in these rural areas having to travel long distances. Limited type and availability of public health resources may also be an issue in rural areas. In rural areas the distance between the inhabitant’s homes may provide uncertainty of what resources are needed and will be utilized when attempting to offer resources (Warren & Smalley, 2014). Health services that may not be provided include mental health, and long term treatment procedures (Warren & Smalley, 2014). This may be due to inability to maintain transportation, and lack of resources due to limited necessity. Religious practices are also major challenges to public health in rural areas. According to Warren and Smalley (2014), religious practices are major influences on the view of health services…

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