Essay on Public Health, Ecological Model On Homelessness

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Although there are other risk factors, such as poverty and housing availability, in one’s becoming unhoused, this paper will explore one of the key components, unemployment, and how it can lead to homelessness. For this paper, unemployment will be defined as a loss of a job where one worked and later lost, an inability to find work, or being unable to work due to a disability. Using the public health, ecological model this paper will show how each of the levels of the model affect the possibility of losing one’s home. In addition this essay will attempt to show how the risk factors combine to have an affect an individual’s ability to maintain housing or become displaced.
From individual risk factors which find a person without work to relationships that contribute to homelessness, as well as community and societal factors such as the effects of unemployment benefits and other entitlement programs on homelessness, this paper will use several references to back up the assertion that unemployment plays a major role in homelessness.

Contrary to the common belief that it is an individual’s choice or aversion to work to blame (Lee et al. 1990), studies indicate that homelessness is the result of individual circumstances in complex combinations of socio economic and societal factors from which researchers have found at least two key risk factors, poverty and unemployment. (Byrne et al. 2012) This essay will focus on how unemployment can lead to homelessness.…

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