Analysis Of The Human Papillomavirus

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As said in CDC, every year there are 17,600 women and 9,300 men who get cancer with HPV. About 180,00 women and 160,000 men are infected by genital warts, bumps that come out in different areas of the body. In this paper, it will address an understanding of HPV, different perspective on the virus as well as examining the public health implications.
Human Papillomavirus, a disease that categorizes 40 groups. Each group differing on the types of an infection a person can receive. Some cause women or men to get cancer, usually cervical cancer. While other cause genital warts, small bumps occurring around the body. Usually visually different from other wart in the body that may have been created. In HPV, there are many cases with people who go
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As for the issue of cost, those who are generally affected by it is the health care workers or the patient itself. Creating and sending vaccines were needed make those who are against feel like it is a waste of time and money. To maintain a vaccine, as said by Thomas, exceeds thousands of dollars to stock. However, there are who think it could increase the number of kids that have sex before marriage. They are against having young adults doing something “disrespectful” and well as “not correct”, and don’t want the vaccines to let the children think they have the okay to play to their hearts content. Lastly, there are people who believe this was something god sent to the people for being sinful. They believed those who are non-heterosexual deserved what they get and shouldn’t get a cure because it will only create more people to become …show more content…
The cost of creating vaccines as well as keeping them in stock and throwing away those that don’t work as well creates a big burden on the amount of money needed. At first, it may not seem as much when calculating the amount of money needed plus the amount of money receiving from these who are paying for it. But as times goes by, the debt increased when being unable to pay back for the amount being used. As said two paragraphs before, this is one of the reasons that there are people who oppose of vaccines. While some short-term consequences are those who are not eligible to pay foot the vaccines as well as being unable eligible to receive any kind of help. This is a short-term due to the number of people who are unable to receive treatment or are unable to protect the themselves or those who live near.
While one group may disagree with the vaccines and the another group may agree with receiving vaccine. This paper gives a general idea to see why looking at consequences or looking into the reason why Rhode Island chose to require schools to receive vaccinations. Knowing more knowledge about HPV, creates a big impact on how you can vote on schools being required to get a vaccine, like Rhode

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