Public Health and Healthy Communities Essay

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Public Health agencies played a significant role in the past and continue to contribute in improving the overall health of communities through various interventions, focusing on prevention rather than treatment. These preventative measures include but are not limited to sanitizing drinking water, implementing immunizations to eradicate infectious diseases, and creating many programs that promote behaviors beneficial for a healthy community. What is a healthy community? According to the publication Healthy People in Healthy Communities, a healthy community is “one that embraces the belief that health is more than merely an absence of disease” (Healthy People 1). A healthy community also “includes those elements that enable people to …show more content…
Thus, the vision of making healthy people and communities can be achieved through collective efforts between individuals and the communities, namely by forming a healthy community coalition. The report Healthy People 2010 outlines the ten Leading Health Indicators and problems for the United States, and their implications. It is important to note that the ten Leading Health Indicators reflect upon individual behaviors, physical and social environmental factors, but not chronic factors. Leading Health Indicators vary from responsible sexual behavior, mental health, injury and violence, to physical activity, overweight and obesity, tobacco use and substance abuse, to environmental quality, immunization and access to health care. Each section of the ten Leading Health Indicators show statistics from previous years and compare them with today’s statistics in order to track progress and determine new goals. Physical Activity, a Leading Health Indicator, shows decline in physical activity among individuals 18 years or older. The goal of this next section is to increase the proportion of not only adults but also children involved in moderate and vigorous physical activity.
Due to limited resources, our task force devotes its efforts to one specific focus area, physical activity. After a broad discussion with government and state officials, our team identified a great need in this

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