Public Health and Community Psychology Essay

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* Limitations and Differences between
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According to Turorial Letter 201 for PSY4811 (2014) CP was formalised as a seperate discipline at the Swampscoft conference in Boston only in 1965 which makes it a fairly new discipline in the behavioural sciences. Furthermore due to the dissatisfaction with individualistic clinical psychology CP began to emerge in the 1960’s. By this era a growing group of psychologists felt that individualistic clinical psychology failed to address broader social issues.
With regards to PH a point in history that left a great mark in the development of PH in South Africa as well as internationally is the work conducted by Drs Sidney and Emily Clark in 1940 Pholela, Zululand, South Africa. According to Gilbert (1995) the factors that threatened health in this area included absence of adequate water, sanitation facilities and poor state of education. Kark stressed that health services at the time were mainly curative rather than preventative and was unsatisfied with the fact that the broader social health scheme was being ignored. By 1948 the Pholela model was so successful it led to a further 40 health centres being established in pre-dominantly black communities. This all took a big leap in the field of PH and had great influence internationally especially in the United States. However, PH took a big step backwards when strict Apartheid policies started to unravel in South Africa.

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