Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act Essay

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Imagine shopping in a mall, and there is a woman standing confused right in front of the bathroom signs that clearly indicates men and women. What is the confusion? You asked yourself. Well, this woman was biologically born as a man; but, she has the desire to use the ladies washroom. With so much contemplation, and fearing the repercussions, she took the step of fate into the ladies washroom. These are just some of the issues transgender individuals are facing today. What is transgender you asked? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, transgender is a person who identifies a gender identity that is different from the one in correspondence to the individual’s sex at birth. Transgender and bathroom issues in schools are not unheard of; as the matter of fact, this issue has drawn a lot of national attention. “Earlier this year, North Carolina enacted the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (better known as HB2), which, requires transgender students to use only restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates” (Arenas et al.). Regardless of what the law say, the transgender individuals should be mandated to use the appropriate bathroom per the gender specified on their birth certificate.
Moreover, it is important to be aware that sexuality and gender do not have a correlation. Human gender is determined at the time of birth, while sexual preference is in relation with how the individual feels from within themselves. The…

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