Public Education vs Home Schooled Essay examples

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Home School vs. Public School
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When children become of age and it is time for them to start school, many parents question what is best for their child’s education, home schooling or public school. With home schooling and public schooling have their pros and cons, but many parents often question which one is actually better for their child. Though public schools are effective in helping a child develop social skills, home schooling is a more direct and focused on your education.
Home schooling can be good for a child in many ways. They have a more direct and focused method of learning
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Proper socialization involves the use of good manners, respect for others and their property, the ability to make friends and resolve conflict, and familiarity with cultural norms. Even though home schooled students may interact with other family members, it is accustomed because they are comfortable being around them. Meeting new people and going off to college will be a challenge because they will feel a sense of fear interacting with new peers other than family. They will start to feel a sense of withdrawal and tend to want to stick to themselves and may suffer depression because of the separation away from their family.
Since public schools are funded by taxpayers, and are provided mainly by local governments, they offer a variety of programs that are free to students that can benefit them and teach them about other things that will not be normally discussed in a classroom. There are many after school programs that children can attend to keep them out of trouble. The uses of textbooks are also free, so parents do not have to worry about providing extra costs to cover textbooks, which can be very expensive.
Being in public school, most parents can think of it as a “free sitter” for their children, in which they do not have to pay a babysitter. Giving both parents the opportunity to keep a full time job, without making huge sacrifices for childcare.

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