Public Education And The Public School System Essay

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What is public education? According to the center for public education “public education means a tuition-free, publicly funded system that must provide an education to each child in a neighborhood school within a publicly governed school system.” Although this definition does include the fact that the public school system is free and it gives education for Americas children, then why is it that so many American families think negative of it? Our school system has received a lot of criticism for many years, yet not much has been done to fix these errors. The health of students on a daily basis is affected by many factors in the public school system which may be causing Americas disapproval, and could be resolved easily with less unnecessary assignments or “busy work”, a later school time, and a healthier lunch, giving the students a better stress free life. Public school teaching is like eating a piece of cake, except that cake explodes on your face and suddenly the walls burst into fire, the floor melts into a thick, warm lava pool, and you realize you’re actually in Hell. That may have been a little exaggerated, but for most students it is a perfect replica of the feelings experienced while under stress. “Fully 83 percent of teens said that school was [a somewhat or significant source of stress.] Twenty-seven percent reported [extreme stress] during the school year, though that number fell to 13 percent during summer” (Shapiro). Why would the percentage of students…

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