Essay on Public Education And American Democratic Citizenship

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There is no neglect that there is a linkage between public education and American democratic citizenship, in fact, the founding fathers of the United States constitution alluded that this connection ought to be essential to create a nation that would be able to function by itself without possible outside intervention. Furthermore, scholars such as Noa Webster wanted educated citizens not to just be able to “judge … what [would] secure or endanger [their] freedom” (Mondel, 2001, p.22) but to build a national identity that fostered a unified culture in which one would learn about the history and legend of the founding fathers. With a national identity, a young country like the United states would be able to prosper and provide its citizens with the tools necessary to have an equal opportunity for advancement. This model was flawed in the sense that it generalized its audience and omitted the diversity that had been growing in the U.S. population, and with the rise of industrialization, the race for equality became a topic that was hard to dismiss when discussing the political pluralism that exists in the U.S.
The scope of education and American democratic citizenship are inconsistent in the equality of education opportunities that each member of society receives. As Monde (2001) states, “public school districts have been political arenas” (p.2) because there has been a pervasive cleavage on “what unites as well as divides citizens” especially when the topic of…

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