Public Discourse And Computerized Classroom Setting Essay

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Public Discourse and Tracking in a Classroom Setting If a motivated, well-informed individual had a problem with public policy, how could he/she go before the public and address the issue? The article Service Learning and Public Discourse explores the ways in which a composition course can effectively bridge the gap between classrooms and society, so that students and administrators alike can justify meaning behind discourse and learn how to put their knowledge to use. The author, Bruce Herzberg, begins the writing by illustrating a personal literacy narrative of his seventh grade year, when he became a helpless victim of the tracking system. Tracking practice and policy is widely popular among U.S education systems, yet for years academic research and studies have collectively condemned such a system. It leads readers to question, how can certain policies remain standard practice, even when academic knowledge unanimously supports against it? Tracking has played a significant role in my life as a student, growing up in the public school system. It was noticeable as early as elementary school, when my peers and classmates the same age as me were getting segregated into classes and clubs that separated the smart kids, who had “great potential”, versus the ones that had “average” or “low-track” knowledge capabilities. State tests were used as a guideline that determined where a student fits, based on their cumulative scores on the four basic subjects. The outcome being that,…

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