Public Anxiety And Cultural Fascination Of Girls And Girlhood Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Only 3% of violent crimes committed by girls (Schramm, 2004)
- The Vancouver Sun headlines: “Teenage girls and violence: the B.C. reality” “Girls fighting marked by insult”...

What media didn’t ask?
- Violent nature of dominant culture
- Kinds of violence to which girls are subjected
- Issues of racialization in schools
- Virk’s inability to be accepted by her peers because of her weight and height
- Absence of any discussion of issue of racism as motive for attack
- Stress on Reena’s lack of ”fit” with her peers, mother said she was a “troubled child”, revelation of sexual abuse
- Implies that Reena was the “problem”

Dawn-Marie Wesley
- In November, 2000, at age 14, Dawn-Marie Wesley from Mission B.C. took her own life after experiencing a cycle of psychological abuse and verbal threats from three of her closes friends in her high school

Critical sociological questions:
- Do aggressive girls, raging and violent girls challenge normative gender constructions more so than relationally aggressive girls
- How does this play out in a race and classed biased
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• Develop behaviour management and anti-bully policies

Questions asked by theses researchers:
- Why have girls become so aggressive?
- What do we do about this?

Strength of Developmental Model coupled with Post-Feminist Rhetoric
- Despite willingness to use intersectional lens, focus on girlhoods remains Anglo-centric, Northern emphasis and does not tend to reflect diversity of girls’ lives and interconnectedness of North/South girls’ lives

Marnina Gonick says: Public anxiety AND Cultural fascination with girls
Again, contradiction in the construction of ‘girl’:
- The ‘problem’ of young women’s relationships going wrong is used to symbolize disorder, social instability and more decay in N. American

Mean girls/Bad girls
- Unlike Ophelia, where vulnerability is due to external threats
- Mean girls/bad girls – its the inner social world that girls construct

- Make individual girls responsible for successes and failures

- Education systems reflect this individualized

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