Public And The Association Of Abortion Essay

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Background and Significance The negative connotations of public and the association of abortion with murder has ultimately made elective termination of a pregnancy a social taboo. Coming from a culture that is passionate about individual rights, it is expected that no exceptions would be made to this liberty, yet women who defy the traditional course of pregnancy are perceived by the public as, “by definition a bad mother” (Abrams, 2015). To further augment the great debate, in 2007 when the Supreme Court intervened by placing a federal restriction on the gestational limit for a woman to have an elective abortion, many pro-choice supporters wondered if the government was contributing to the stigma since its role is believed to uphold the integrity of morality. As a result of the added stigma, in order to avoid the guilt and shame that is associated with seeking abortion services, women often postpone the procedure past the legal gestational limit resulting in illegal and unsafe abortion measures (Kumar, 2013). Individuals, such as pro-choice enthusiast, are angered at the dangers that women put themselves through because others can not recognize a women’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body. Anti-abortion supporters refute the argument by adding that an unborn fetus is entitled to just as many human rights as their mothers. With this controversy in particular, nurses often find themselves in ethical dilemmas while caring for abortion cases whenever the…

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