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Midterm Essay: Classical Organizational Theory
Liberty University
February 5, 2014
Midterm Essay: Classical Organizational Theory
"Classical Organizational Theory deals with the 'systematic processes necessary to make bureaucracy more efficient and effective.' Name three scholars that are credited with the development of classical organization thought that most correctly fit into this definition of Classical Organizational Theory. What were the basic arguments articulated by each in their contributions to the development of Classical Organizational Theory?"
Classical organizational theory supports two views. Scientific management which focuses on managing work and employees and administrative management which addresses issues which
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Authority he defines existed when there was a belief in the legitimacy of that power. Weber classifies organizations according to the legitimacy of their power and uses three classifications: charismatic, traditional authority and rational legal authority (Kim, 2012).
Weber states that rational legal authority is used in the most efficient form of organization because a legal code can be established which can claim obedience from members of the organization, the law is a system of abstract rules which are applied to particular cases; and administration looks after the interests of the organization within the limits of that law (Weber, 1946, p.95).
The manager of authority the impersonal order. Membership is key to law and obedience and obedience is derived not from the person administering the law, but to the impersonal order that installed the person’s authority.
There are many times when people often make assumption regarding someone’s theory based off their experience and these theorists does not escape these criticisms. Henri Fayol’s belief that management theories could be developed and taught to others is something that is relevant. Public administrators should take into account Fayol’s theory because not only did he write from experience but he focused on certain areas of concern and focus many organization are

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