Public Administration And Business Administration Essay

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1. In the class we have discussed the public-private distinction. In your opinion, is public administration essentially the same as business administration or is it different from business administration? What do you think is the most important characteristics of public administration that makes the field the same as or different from business administration?

Public administration and business administration are very similar in more ways than one yet these two disciplines are also very different from one another in other ways. Both public administration and business administration employ management tools and systems to maintain the stability of an organization and facilitate growth. The most obvious and fundamental difference between public administrators and business administrators is the distinction between the public sector and private sector. Those who work in public administration tend to focus on providing services and information to the public whereas those who work in business administration are focused on providing services and goods to the public. This can be observed by understanding differences in (1) performance measurement, (2) stakeholders, and (3) job roles.
As compared to businesses, public organizations are concerned more about public service and serving as civil obedients rather than generating profits. This brings about another difference between public administration and business administration which is measurement of performance.…

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