Pttls Pre-Course Assessment Essay examples

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PTTLS Writing Assignment

An assessment to gauge readiness to complete the PTTLS course at Level 3 or 4

“This submission is entirely my own work unless I have used quotation marks to indicate my reference to the work of others”

Lois Dalphinis



In writing this assignment I hope to inform the reader about my learning experience. The context of my artistic practice in its broadest sense is experiential and my diverse cultural heritage informs my work in collage, multimedia and interest in performance. Therefore, I’ll be drawing from and reflecting upon my own lived experience, which includes my learning development and artistic practice.


I order describe my
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The teaching pack available with the DVD was designed to encourage debate and online availability has sparked interest and enabled further discussion[5].

My work with Richmond Theatre[6] has provided the opportunity of getting involved in the community and to draw creative and learning interests together by working within a performance environment, with archive materials and creating online accessibility.

The need to incorporate and use a diverse range of media tools, within and for various audiences and organizations, required the ability to use appropriate methods of communication and organization. Working with hands on and digitized material is a way of ‘accessing and using in new ways, previously accumulated media’.[7]


My responsibilities as assessor in terms of this assignment, has required me to plan and develop in line with assignment guidelines which has provided an opportunity to reflect upon my own development.

As a facilitator, responsibilities encourage me to make aspects of my work easily accessible. What started 3 years ago as a means to submit course work, my free webs site[8] now forms part of a network[9] of various types of work and for a variety of audiences. This allows me to keep a record, monitor and re-evaluate the work I produce. It also provides the opportunity for feedback and community development.


In practice, the

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