Ptlls Unit 002 Essay

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Unit 002: Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning

The focus of this assignment is the key factors that influence inclusive teaching and learning and how it is incorporated into my specialist subject area. It is likely that you will be teaching a diverse group of students – from various backgrounds, with differing levels of prior learning and expectations, as well as different learning needs. Taking an inclusive approach when teaching will help to ensure that your teaching meets everyone’s needs enabling students to learn effectively. As a result students will feel that they belong in the classroom and learning environment. Inclusive learning means treating all of your students fairly and equally.
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In any teaching specialism it is very important to use strategies to engage students and try to motivate them to gain as much as they can from their chosen course of study. Below I have highlighted three strategies that I use in my own specialism.

1.2 Explain how these approached meet the need of your learners

1.3 Describe aspects of inclusive learning.
Inclusive learning and teaching refers to the ways in which every aspect of the teaching cycle is designed and delivered to engage students in learning that is meaningful, relevant and accessible to all. It embraces a view of the individual and individual difference as the source of diversity that can enrich the lives and learning of others.

2.1 Explain how to select inclusive learning and teaching techniques Relatively small adjustments to teaching practice can make a huge difference in terms of inclusivity. For instance ensuring notes and hand-outs for lectures, seminars or lab sessions are available in advance electronically; giving instructions verbally and visually and using a variety of learning activities in your teaching. How to select resources that meet the needs of my learners. * Sensory model
As individuals we all learn differently, this has been influenced by past educational experiences, study techniques and personal approaches to how we undertake tasks. This can be defined as ‘particular ways of gathering, processing and storing information and

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