Ptlls - Unit 002 – Understand Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

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Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Unit 002 – Understand inclusive learning and teaching in Lifelong Learning
Angie Alvarez Lorza

1.1 Summarise Learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism

Within my own specialty field having a variety of teaching methods and strategies to potentiate learning is an absolute requirement.
The field caters to people from all kinds of backgrounds and levels of education so it must be flexible and adaptable enough to appeal to its varied audience.

It is usually taught following a mix of teaching methods that focus on different learning strategies, and can be
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2.1 Explain how to select resources that meet the need of learners

Selecting the resources that meet the needs of the learners is a constant process of consistent evaluation and change.

Some of the factors that can influence the teaching methods utilized in any given context are the level of knowledge and the level of commitment of the participants, which links with the level of responsibility they are able to cope with on their own, in addition to their preferred learning system/style, or any other physical, cultural, hearing, language or learning needs.

Things such as the class environment and resource/teaching budget are also important; resources can be costly so establishing a sharing scheme or setting up small groups per resource can also be a good idea if it is not possible to find a suitable cheaper alternative. The characteristics of the room

Hand-outs are one of the resources that can be provided in the form of notes, extra information, the student´s can always look back and refer to, when their preferred learning strategies are visual. Worksheets, books, flipcharts, printed quizzes in addition to textbooks and journals are also wonderful ways to potentiate learning through the visual sense,

Whiteboards, blackboards, PowerPoint presentations, digital cameras, software, YouTube, other hardware or equipment and Moodle are more interactive ways of learning and their effectiveness depends on the

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