Ptlls Theory Assignment 1 Essay

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PTLLS Theory Assignment 1
Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teaching/ training cycle.
Teaching is an extremely important profession as we are responsible for training up the future generations of our community, country and in effect, the world. In order to be a successful and effective teacher there are some basic skills and competencies that one must possess. The experiences that students have inside (and outside) our classrooms, schools and various other institutes will shape and mould their approach to our subjects and to life in general. Therefore, it requires a certain level of skill and training to be deemed professionally fit to enter into this career path and even then, continuous
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This can involve looking at application forms, initial assessments and in school and colleges, this can involve looking at previous grades and qualifications. A popular acronym when considering learner needs is SPICE. Social Physical Intellectual Cultural Emotional
If you can have an idea, as a teacher, of the social influences on a student and the social dynamics of your class and how this could impact your learning, your planning and preparation could be more insightful and effective.
Being aware of your learners’ physical needs includes any medical issues as well as the learning environment being suitable for them and your course. Will they be able to access all of the physical elements of your course/ lesson? If not, can anything be put in place to integrate them into the activities as much as possible?
Cultural involves anything within the students’ culture, beliefs and values that may affect the way they participate in parts of your lesson. Are there parts of your scheme of work that are flexible in terms of content and activity if you run into a cultural issue? Should you highlight these parts that are non-negotiable as they are integral to the course, so that all potential applicants are fully aware of what they are signing up for? E. g. A choir workshop where the majority of the song material is gospel being advertised

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