Ptlls Level 4 Assessment Question 1 Essay

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PTLLS Level 4 – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Assessment Question 1

Evaluate what you believe are the main roles and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in relation to the teaching and learning cycle and in particular when meeting the needs of learners. How far do your responsibilities as a teacher/trainer go and how do these work in relation to other professionals you may encounter both internally and externally? What boundaries are there with your role and between that of other professionals?

As a teacher/trainer, there are certain roles and responsibilities that you have when it comes to the needs of learners. Teachers/trainers should look to the teaching and learning cycle as this contains an outline
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It is your role to provide regular feedback to learners whilst providing them with the support they need to succeed on the course and to also gain learners’ opinions of the course so that it can be altered to make it better, if required. It is the responsibility of the teacher/trainer to make sure they are fully up to date with knowledge of the subject they are teaching as well as ensuring the safety of their learners by undertaking relevant risk assessments.

When assessing your learners and their work it is important to assess their progress to ensure they have gained all the necessary knowledge and skills. There are various methods of assessment that can be carried out; these are initial, formative, summative, formal and informal. It is your responsibility to asses in a fair manner and to make sure all work and progress is assessed in an agreed amount of time, providing constructive feedback to the learner.

It is also important to assess and evaluate yourself and your own sessions and how well they were planned and delivered. This can be done by asking for feedback from learners and others and by ongoing evaluation of your own sessions. By doing this, you will help to improve your future teaching sessions and provide a better learning experience.

As previously mentioned, there may be times when a teacher/trainer needs to seek help and/or advice from a professional, either internally or externally, and it is important to

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