Ptlls Assignment Essay

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Preparing for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Assignment No 1

Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships in Lifelong Learning

By Mark Britten


Appreciation is given to the teachers and staff of Stafford College, for information, structure and teaching practices as discussed throughout the learning periods attended so far.
Thanks are also given to the staff within the library of both Rodbaston College and also the Cannock campus for their assistance in allowing the use of reading material while the procurement of the enrolment data was being processed.
Thanks to my mentor, for providing assistance and support in this first
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Codes of practice apply to all learners and teaching personnel, these codes were introduced by the teaching profession (IFL Institute for Learning 2011) outlining expectations with regards to honesty, integrity, respect, reasonable care, professional practice and disclosure, such practices ensure that a highly established set of values and standard are achieved, codes of practice are developed over time through lessons learned and the expectations of the profession and the wider community.

Section 2:
There are many important aspects to ensuring learners of all ages and abilities achieve their optimum performance and gain the knowledge, understanding and qualifications required in this ever hardening market of life.
Teachers have certain roles to play by creating, facilitating and promotion of inclusion for all learners (Wilson, 2009), fairness and equal opportunities for all abilities and ages can be demonstrated throughout the teaching cycle allowing adaption of lessons to suit the needs of the learners and the different learner styles that may be encountered, while at the same time ensuring

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