Essay about Psycology

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Now that I am living in my adulthood, I often think back and reminisce on the days of my High School days while attending Southwest Dekalb High School. I can remember starting High School in the 9th grade and wanting to become more active in school and join my peers in various activities. I had developed a passion for the military, especially because my grandfather served active duty for over 20 years. As a result I joined the N.J.R.O.T.C. program. By my senior year due to my exceptional leadership skills, I was promoted as a Lieutenant Commander. Holding this position changed my life in so many ways, and shaped me to become the man I am today.
As Lieutenant t Commander I held the position as Company Commanding Officer (CO), it was my
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Although being joining the R.O.T.C. was challenging at some points , I really enjoyed the opportunity and I am proud to say that I was apart of the experience.
Completing the role of Company Commanding Officer has played a major role in my life in many ways. For instance my work ethics have been derived from this experience. Approximately one year ago I became unemployed from the work force, and struggled for about one year until I awarded a new job position. During my unemployment phase I was faced with many difficult situations, and had to often times make necessary sacrifices in order to survive. Living through unemployment was very challenging, but I pushed my way though much like I did as a Luetienent Commander. As a result, I was able to sharpen my professional skills each time I was awarded the opportunity for an interview. I often times prepared for interviews while standing in front of the mirror dressing myself from head to toe, making sure I dressed in a professional manner. I recalled the many times I dressed in uniform for R.O.T.C., as I dressed myself in suit and tie, sharp as a whistle. Once I landed a job position, I remember feeling like I had achieved and reached my goal, much like I did once I finally achieved the Lieutenant Commander rank.
Today my personality is one that is driven and well rounded. I always see myself as a leader and never a follower. I always take initiative at work or in my personal life when it comes to getting things done.

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