Psychometric Test Essay

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Recruitment and selection are the core activities of the HR department in any organization as it is directly linked to the employees of the organization. These processes are not only important but also the most difficult as it involves a lot of cost on the part of the company. Unlike the recruitment process the selection process also involves a lot of cost in terms of interviews and tests in conducting the selection of the employees.. Many of us already know that the psychometric tests are commonly used in almost every organization not only in the selection process but also in the process of performance management of the employees. The reason for carrying out the test in the same in the two situations it is to measure the
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Not only has this but they also given a clear picture of the necessary details for which the test is being carried out. The most important thing is that they are performed in a systematic manner. They are carefully chosen depending on what has to be tested. Tests try to make things simpler for the viewer to understand things. There is very little scope for error while doing so but the results may differ in some ways because all human beings do not behave or react in the same manner though many do. Tests evoke responses from candidates, who must do something that can be evaluated (Smith and Smith, 2005). In terms of employers it helps them get a competitive edge over their competitors effectively if they retain and get the best employees in their company and leave the rest for their competitors. Tests also help the employer to understand the learning and development potential of the employee in which they are going to invest.
The use of the test has to be done in the best way i.e. no biasness, be it gender, race of ethnicity. As there are some employers who consider these things while conducting a test. The test should be evaluated and re-evaluated constantly to check the validity and the reliability of the test. As time goes by the test get out of date and therefore need evaluation so that the employer doesn’t miss out on the best candidate.


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