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Self-Report * Questionnaire: A method of self-report where respondents write/record their own answers to a list of pre-determined questions. * Unstructured- A method if self-report that features no pre-set questions. No questions are decided in advance so the researcher is free to explore the participants’ thoughts and ideas. * Rich source of qualitative data * Interviewee is relaxed and so answers the questions fully * Different data from each person so comparisons are difficult to make * Analysis is difficult * Low inter-rater reliability because of the disagreement over the interpretations * Demand characteristics * Semi-Structured- New questions are developed as the conversation …show more content…
* forced choice response may not reveal full extent of people’s beliefs

* Rating Scales: Example Likert scale. A statement is used and the participant decides how strongly they agree or disagree with the statements. * They can give us an idea about how strongly a participant feels about something. This therefore gives more detail than a simple yes no answer. * Ability to quantify responses and compare across different individuals and analyse statistically. * Tendency with Likert scales for people to respond towards the middle of the scale perhaps to make them look less extreme. * Participants may provide

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