Psychology Topics On Psychology And Psychology Essay

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At that moment life completely stopped ! “Mommy, look what I found in your dream book!” one of the many things I would shout out as a child to my mother. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in psychology from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She had several psychology related books and was very knowledgable in psychology related subjects. Therefore, starting as a young child, I’ve always been exposed to various subjects in psychology. The main reason I wanted to know more about psychology was because my mothers passion for it. Her knowledge and compassion sparked my interest in learning more about psychology. However, As I matured, I was overwhelmed with the multiple opportunities that I could choose as a lifelong career. Similar to many children, I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, or any occupation that would enable me to help others as well as have a lucrative income. I wanted to help my family and those in my community. Realizing from a young age that I was blessed and that there were so many people who could benefit from my willingness to help. Although somehow, As I explored no other field excited me the same way that psychology did. This subject had given me a passion that was unshakeable, I wanted to learn as much as I could. Even though I had a couple of years before I had to be concerned about college, I still wanted to plan and make sure that I would be making the most appropriate decision. No matter what I mentioned to my mother she always…

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