Psychology : Theories Regarding Abnormal Behavior Essay

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Psychology has many theories concerning what causes abnormal behavior. There are seven models that psychology follows that explain why abnormal behavior exists. Out of these behavioral models there are a couple of models in which I disagree with. The reason why I disagree with some of these models is because there is very little evidence that justifies these models being an accurate explanation for the causes of abnormal behavior in humans. The models that I disagree with are the cognitive model, humanistic existential model, and the sociocultural model. The cognitive model looks at a person’s way of thinking, and emotions. Overall what this model looks at is how the person’s thinking is abnormal. The reason why this model does not seem like a proper model to follow when treating someone with a mental disorder, is because this model looks at how a person’s thoughts are illogical and how thinking can mislead a person from actual reality of what’s happened. By having read what the cognitive model is I wondered how thinking can be classified as abnormal. Also, another issue that I have with the cognitive model is that according to some cognitive theorists illogical thinking is viewed as an indication that the person might have a mental disorder. How can ones thoughts be viewed as illogical when there simply just thoughts? If these unreasonable thoughts were causing a person to act upon irrational behavior then I would understand why the cognitive model is form of treatment…

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