Essay about Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality
In the book by Mark R. McMinn (2011), Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, the author establishes a way to promote and integrate psychology, theology, and spirituality in the methods of Christian counselors. He introduces a specific replica of how to integrate the three disciplines in the counseling office. The purpose of the book is to instruct counselors how to effectively integrate the categories of psychology, theology and spirituality so they enhance the counseling process. McMinn (2011) contends many challenges, both professional and personal, face Christian counselors on the frontier of interdisciplinary integration. Interdisciplinary integration is a new emerging frontier for Christian Counselors, and understanding it is very beneficial to counselors in this day and age.
The beginning section of the book describes the challenges counselors face in dealing with clients. Those challenges are Moving from Two Areas of Competence to Three, Blurred Personal-Professional Distinctions, Expanded Definitions of Training, Confronting Dominant Views of Mental Health, Establishing a Scientific Base, and Defining Relevant Ethical Standards (McMinn, 2011). After mapping out the challenges facing the interdisciplinary integration, McMinn first divides his book into eight chapters, including a summary and reflection following each of them. Additionally, he utilizes vignettes as a means to challenge his…

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