Essay on Psychology, Sociology, And Sociology

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The unique aspect of psychology is that, psychology is a broad scientific study of the human mind and behavior that does not bunch up in one field, but is split up into many branches that focuses on different aspect within the field. In particular, social psychology of the many branches, focuses on the aspect of social interactions in the presence of people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This branch collides the gap between psychology and sociology, by using the ideology of sociology, the function of human society, to explain why a certain individual’s mental state is determined by social encounter. Social psychologists revolve around the ideal core that social interaction is key in influencing the behavior and attitude of an individual or group. One particular aspect social psychologists study is social loafing, a concept of an individual exerting less effort when working in a group, through the lack of motivation and diffusion of responsibility. The article (Preloafing Effect, 2012), describes whether social loafing is influenced by preloafing based on certain factors. Preloafing is the concept of the preparation of an individual before he or she perform the main task. In one study the article describes, participants of 76 voluntary university male students were randomly assigned to either be in a group tug-or-war or one-on-one tug-of-war. The purpose of this study was to test whether the males in one group will show more preparation than the males in the other…

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