Psychology : Psychology Of Personality Psychology Essay

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Psychology of Personality Personality psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the differences between people’s behaviors in terms of patterns, cognitions, and emotion. Personality psychology has been around for centuries, since Hippocrates’ Four Humors. Personality psychology has taken on many forms and has continued to develop throughout the centuries. Personality psychology is also developed with and from other fields of psychology like child development, behavioral, cognitive, and few others. Personality psychology started its development from Hippocrates’ Four Humors, although it did not truly become it’s own field of psychology until Sigmund Freud developed his theory of personality. Freud practiced what he called the psychoanalytical approach. Freud focused on the unconscious as the driving force of how people acted. He developed numerous theories as to how personality developed. He defined, what he called, instincts, which are the mental representations of internal stimuli that drive a person to take certain actions (Schultz, 2013). He also developed the concept of the id, the ego, and the superego. He defined the id as the aspect of personality that allied with instincts and focused on the pleasure principle. He then developed the theory of the ego, which was the rational aspect of the personality, responsible for directing and controlling the id. Finally, he developed the superego, which was the moral aspect of the personality. He also…

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