Psychology : Psychology And Psychology Essay examples

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This semester I learned a lot about psychology and about myself. How psychology could influence my future was something I learned as well. Though I haven’t decided yet, this class is helping me choose a career. I feel that a have a good mindset on what I would like to do career wise and where I would like to focus my education.
Our psychology book was big and filled with information. I never had the time to read all of it, but it has some very good information. Using this book as a resource and other resources I found on the internet. I gained some useful information on some careers associated with psychology. I have learned that many people who get a degree in psychology end up in a business career. I have always been interested in business so this is a win-win situation for me. If I can somehow implement psychology into business I can learn what I want to do with my life and which career to pursue. I could maybe do some sort of counseling for major businesses. This way can I can learn the business and help solve problems and also help people deal with their day to day issues as a psychologist. This course really helped me decide this.
One of the most beneficial things that came with this course and the course book was the connect assignments. These assignments were somewhat tedious but provided great practice. Instead of your basic match the term with the definition and the definition with term homework, this provided useful examples of the terms. For example, there were…

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