Essay on Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Psychology ranges in many different ways. You may be interested teaching, therapy, or sports and psychology touches all of those things. Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. To me, psychology is much more than that. It is a huge field including all about human behavior, the way the brain works, business, law, stress and so on. My interests in this vast area include forensic and clinical psychology. Both are very similar and forensic psychologists tend to be clinical psychologists too. I have always found forensic psychology appealing because of my father. He is a Sergeant at the Port Authority Police Department. From being involved with law enforcement, it inspired me to take on somewhat of the same interest. My dream career is to become a forensic psychologist some day. They tie together psychology and principles of law. From helping with criminal investigations maybe by providing an analysis in court, mental illnesses, or learning about laws and legal procedures. With my research in the book, Exploring Psychology by David G. Myers and multiple searches on ebscohost, I have found that forensic psychology is not all it is hyped up to be on television. There are dull days and there are also hectic days. Typically, you are never working alone. Usually, you work with other professionals. Their responsibilities range from wherever you decide to become a forensic psychologist or something close to that field at. You could be a school…

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