Essay on Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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I think I would be interested in a career in Psychopathology for the idea of figuring out why people have problems and helping them overcome them. I think it would be tough to have a client and the therapy did not work. In this respect one could imagine some cold and lonely thoughts at the losses one might see in this profession. If one would be willing to have these potential losses, it is imaginable that there could be great rewards when things go right. I think I would be interested in a career in Learning & Memory psychological careers because it goes along with perception psychology I learned of previously. Why humans learn and memorize, and what they think about intrigue me. To get to the depth of why the thought came about, then what effects that may have sounds interesting. To learn about how learning comes about and why, sounds like a direction to the basis of perception. Memory is another interesting topic as the workings of it might lead to progress. The most interesting thing not previously known that I learned about Psychopathology is what pathology means. The cause and effect of a disease is a way to break it down to find the missing parts. It might sound a little creepy thinking about doing it to a human, but to a car it is a great thing to know the internals. Could this be where the psychologist gets the bad reputation? The headshrinker, swami, witch, or nut-ball detector are names heard about the head healer, did they come from a fear of the human hood…

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