Essay on Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Applied psychology is the area of psychology concerned with applying psychological research and theory to problems in everyday life. It includes clinical psychology, the largest field in psychology. Clinical psychologist – who represent 40% of all psychologist are involved in psychotherapy. ( Gale 931). First of all therapies such as the psychoanalytic psychotherapy or discussion therapy, which is the most popular kind of therapy recognize worldwide. During these treatment sessions it consist of saying whatever a patient may have in their minds. This process makes the analyst and patient work together to modify life patterns and release the unconscious .(Gale 925). This build a closeness between the analyst and the patient.. Psychoanalysis therapy makes the patient aware of the hidden aspect of their lives to help cure their behaviours or illnesses. Today psychoanalyst and psychotherapist refers to psychoanalysis in a new evolution named psychodynamic perspective or approach. This approach is a dynamic and revised approach to psychoanalysis. Another sort of therapy that was developed after Freud passed away is the psychodynamic psychotherapy. Similar to psychotherapy it advocates the notion to understand , and treat abnormal behaviours such as anxiety and traumas. In this therapy the often emotional unconscious conflicts needs to be brought to awareness. Freud said that the purpose of psychodynamic treatment is " to make the unconscious conscious." ( 104…

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