Psychology : Psychology And Psychology Essay

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Psychology is a significant learning subject that is always apparent with human connections especially when they share their thoughts, emotions, and behavior with each other. Psychiatrist apply psychology in mental health treatment, performance development, self-esteem, and many other areas that affect our health and daily life. After learning from the psychology course, a lot of concepts became logically clear to my understanding. Psychology is an interesting subject that everyone should take at least once in their education. Psychology is a concept of development of cognitive thoughts, mental health and human behavior. There can be change for any consciously and unconsciously reason. However, I will surly use some strategies of psychology with raising my kids by using operant conditioning in my life. Learning of the personality can be different in evolution or culture prospective, which can help me understand behavior from various societies in any field. I can improve my memory throughout my learning by using the elaborating and encoding method. In the future, this psychology class will help me control my emotions and help motivate towards accomplishing my goals.
Now whenever I have to decide to do something or think and choose between rights or wrong, I think first of the stimuli and what the pro and cons of the situation are and then all of the psychology concepts come into mind that go along with the situation. I feel psychology is everywhere. The concept of psychology…

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