Psychology : Psychology And Organizational Psychology Essay

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Psychologists have been studying human behavior and mental processes to gain better understanding on human kinds. Psychology subject is an ambiguous; there are several specialty areas in psychology, which focus on specific areas, such as, biological, clinical, and forensic psychology. In a business setting, the specialty area of psychology is in industrial/organizational which study the relationship between people and work (Hockenbury, 2010, p.15).
Applying Psychology in Business
There are two areas of psychology for business are industrial/organizational and business psychology. Industrial/organizational psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on the study of human behavior in the workplace (Hockenbury, 2010, p. B-2). This area can be divided into two sub-area: personal psychology and organizational behavior. Personal psychology focus on job analysis and selection device validity. Job analysis helps the job interviewer to match people’s characteristic to job requirements and measure job performance. In addition, selection device validity increase the change of hiring the right person for the job. Personal psychology focuses on hiring processes, whereas, organizational behavior focuses on the workplace and employee behavior. In a workplace, workers beliefs and job satisfaction are different since they are from different cultures and have different education backgrounds. Even if they have the same job, each of them has a different perspective to the job and…

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