Psychology : Psychology And Forensic Psychology Essay

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Exploring Psychology Specializations

1.Identify two areas of specialization in psychology that interest you. Why do these areas interest you? What are typical topics of study within these areas?

Two areas of specialization in psychology that interest me are Educational Psychology and Forensic Psychology. Educational Psychology interests me because that 's what direction I would like to go in my career. I wish to be able to help children and their families along with providing support to teachers.

Forensic Psychology usually ends up putting someone in a career that is connected to the law in some way. Forensic Psychology is interesting because of the investigations and details that go into solving and analyzing different cases. The careers that are associated with forensic Psychology are much like mystery that need to be solved.

Educational and Forensic Psychology have very different topics of study. Typical topics of study for educational psychology would include learning behaviors, classroom management and evaluation, Cognitive, Affective, and character development, educational reforms, student/teacher outcomes, Operant conditioning, Multi-cultural education, Problem solving and decision making, and Social learning theories. This is just some of the topics that someone pursuing a degree in educational psychology would study. Now on the other hand forensic psychology studies topics such as criminal justice, Criminology, human development, and Research…

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