Psychology Paper : Toddler Emotions

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Psychology Paper 2
Toddler Emotions
Toddler’s emotions are the external reactions of the feelings the child is experiencing within this can expressed with many different emotions. Such as a smile showing happiness after eating in as young as first born. Scientific studies show emotions have been proven to be genetic in specific types of genes. “Researchers have found that the 7-repeat allele of the DRD4 VNTR gene, when combine with the 5-HTTLPR genotype, results in 6-months-olds who are difficult- they cry often, are hard to distract, and are slow to laugh”(Homboe et al.,2011). The parent not having the knowledge of understanding if their child does have this gene being mindful of why the feel and act certain way when they expressing emotion. The learning and understanding of emotions has an impacting effect on teenage years throughout adulthood. The strength of emotions develops into tantrums depending on how these are interpreted to the parent the child learns by the reactions and actions of the parent. In the tantrums of children some adults feel the need to react out of emotions that are out of anger due to frustration and in some cases lose their own temper and hit the child. Since a child is just barely understanding the meaning of emotion and how to express it by following their parents example. I true do not believe hitting and screaming at a child when they misbehave is the right way to teach a child how to control and understand their emotions. The perception of…

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